Start Your Operations and Expand Your Business

We will help you launch your business in the US, by setting up business and implementing acceleration programs
to achieve your goals and expande business solutions in the US and Latam to ignite rapid growth
for small and medium sized businesses in several industries.
Realise your business potential and grow.
It is the focal point for ambitious businesses who are seeking the relevant information, guidance, support, expertise, finance, knowledge and experience they need to grow.
We can help you scale up, boost performance and find new ways of working.
We are here to help all businesses in US and Latin America, regardless of sector or size.
From legal and formal issues to open societies and businesses in US to how to obtain the L1 Visa for company managers to H1B Visa for professionals or E2 Visa for investors.

What you should know about taxes, fiscal planification, banking, comercial offices and more, right at your fingertips.
SEIS REYES wil not only assit you, we will provide the solutions that better fits your needs.

Trade in Global Markets

With expertise in several industries, we provide insight and guidance through all your international business activities.
Foreign markets can be a very challenging marketplace to investigate and without local knowledge and assistance, finding prospective buyers or distributors can be a very difficult task. 
SEIS REYES offers different levels of business matchmaking services that will help you locate potential business in Latin America and the US. Our staff will work with you to maximize your search, through a combination of international experience and knowledge of the local marketplace.
​We provide to your company:
  • International Branding and Marketing Strategies
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • International Regulations and Compliance
  • Outsourcing Solutions
  • Distribution Channels; the realistic approach
  • Market Research; quantitative techniques and qualitative tools
  • Manufacturing Overseas; sourcing and outsourcing

You know your business needs, we know the opportunities between Latin America region and the US.
Let's hook up!

Having expertise in several industries, we will provide to your company insight and guidance through all your international business activities.

Assets Management

From Real Estate to equities and funds, we mange investors' portfolios
for individuals and institutions in the US market.
Thinking on client, protecting their assets, trough 5 steps:
  • Understanding investor's needs
  • Determining Asset Allocation
  • Determining Asset Selection
  • Building Portfolio
  • Evaluating Performance
Besides opportunities in Real Estate, not only in Florida, but also in other US states, we will assist you to obtain the US residence trough the EB-5 Program, considered one of the most sucessful in history.

Our advisors will provides asset management by coordinating and overseeing client's financial portfolio - e.g., investments, budgets, accounts, insurance and taxes. 

Marketing & Sales

Branding to a US market. We have a network of content creation partners including
advertising, media and marketing solutions.
Our Services to Create Brand Value, includes:
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Business
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Environments

Where  our strong suite of Marketing Tools, integrates:
  • Identity Manager
  • Intelligence Manager
  • Interactions Manager
Trough our partner companies based in the US and Latam, we provide to our clients an entire marketing, branding and sales tools solution for market their products and services.

We develop new businesses, reshapes business models, reframes opportunities and create new results, establishing lasting value, measurable results to ensure our clients's brands are created and designed to stand the test of time.